Overview of xs3p


xs3p is a schema documentation generator. Basically, it is an XSLT stylesheet that will generate an XHTML document from an XSD schema. Some of its cool features are:

Here are some examples generated using xs3p:


Find the latest documentation for the xs3p stylesheet on our xs3p wiki page

How to Get It

Download the latest xs3p from sourceforge.net using the link below. You will need to install an XSLT processor to use it.

You may also

You should read through the release notes to find out about xs3p's requirements, constraints, known issues, and customisation.


Since the xs3p project has been mostly abandonded after the demise of the DSTC, we at FiForms Solutions have hosted the project, since it contributes to easy documentation of our code. We have recently created the xs3p project on sourceforge.net to take advantage of a broader range of collaboration. If you find the xs3p project useful and are interested in contributing, please contact us at info [at] fiforms (dot) net.

The stylesheet is apparently being used in some commercial products, such as in the Documentation Tab in Stylus Studio.

Online Service

If you haven't got a handy XSLT processor installed in your computer, you can use the online service to generate documentation from your schemas. 

Adapted From http://titanium.dstc.edu.au/xml/xs3p/

Hosted by the FiForms XML Definitions Project, a project of FiForms Solutions.